Sunday, August 28, 2005

Well, I didn't want to post consecutive updates that were just counts of how much typing I'd done--so I apparently saved it all for the end.

Thirty thousand words since last Monday, fifty-five thousand total, and I'm done with Burner of Corpses...well, sort of. In any event, I have an electronic draft. Now the repetitive copyediting begins.

*laughs* And apart from the last couple hundred words, I'd spent several hours working in front of this fine piece of cinema. Any time your lead actor is "Costas Mandylor," which sounds like a subspecies of crocodile in its own right, you know it's quality entertainment. And guess what? It stayed alive just long enough to eat that evil corporate lady. Sorry if I ruined any of that for anyone.

In any event, I start the old medical records job again tomorrow morning for the next little while, so I'm just pleased I was able to meet my self-imposed deadline for getting this bad boy typed up. Give me a week or so of editing, and I might be ready to send copies out.


Better Red than (brain)Dead said...

I do so want a tide me over at my fast food job of course.

Kukkurovaca said...

Congratulations on progress and employment. Is this thing going online at some point, btw?