Friday, December 16, 2005

I am apparently taking the GRE General Subject test...on the morning of December 29th.

Here's to punctuated equilibrium in the life of the post-grad.

Test prep ahoy!


Agnes said...

here's to snowangels!

Dobre suerte, to spreche in different talen!

*I need to sober up - check out the news on my blog though! :D*

The Earthtopus said...

Suerte o muerte, I always say.

شيخ الحب said...

Damn you, no I feel really lazy!

Agnes said...

suerte o muerte, I'll remember that for my Spanish class.

What's up with that anyway, I'm getting a new teacher and now the old one starts to warm the new one about my attitude?!

anyway, as we say here: heel veel succes!

شيخ الحب said...

haha! I just signed up for Jan 2nd! Take that unpreparedness!

Agnes said...

Did this just turned into the battle of the giants?
I better get the hell out of here

Happy Holidays by the way

santoritimes said...

I just signed up to fucking graduate. And I got a job again which means late christmas presents all around!