Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I just realized that I am the middle of two books at the moment:

I am reading Milton's Paradise Lost (easier than I thought to get in to), and I am also reading The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists: A Novel to a friend.

Roughly equivalent, no?


kukkurovaca said...

What are your feelings about Paradise Lost? I remember it fondly. Also, what's your edition like? I had Norton Critical Edition, and I particularly enjoyed the Northrop Frye essay on epics...

The Earthtopus said...

I am, thus far, regarding it drastically more fondly than I started out thinking I would.

I'm reading an Everyman's edition of MIlton's poems from the mid-fifties or early-sixties. There's a nice te4xtual introduction by the editor on his rationale for leaving the language largely unchanged, and some notes on the changes made.

Anonymous said...

I remember both of those masterpieces being erotic descents into hell(tm).

- Jesse

santoritimes said...

And I remember that Lucifer also had something of a stentorian nose.

(P.S. both Pirates books available in a single paperback at Barnes and Noble)

The Earthtopus said...

And The Pirates! In an Adventure With Communists: A Novel is coming out on Halloween.

Life is good.

But I already have the one, why would I want it and something else in paperback?

Anonymous said...

with communists?! I can't wait!

- Jesse

Anonymous said...

Did you buy that edition at the Crow Bookstore? Cause I almost bought it there when I was back in VT!

Paradise Lost is brilliant. All of Milton is brilliant. My undergrad seminar on Milton was the best course of my BA years.

-Nate MILLS (the other nate)

Anonymous said...

and Pirates! In An Adventure with Napoleon is supposed to be out in 2008 I think

nate mills