Sunday, October 01, 2006

Grasshopper, Child in the Garden, Cactus, Weed


Brrr! Into the earth at once! Must dig into the good, most soil! Hey, a man picked me up! How disgustingly hot and dry he is! I can't take it, my stomach's coming up! Ughhh!

Child in the Garden

He's tearing off flower buds and sticking them in the gravel paths.

"Hey, what are you doing, you little garden-wrecker?"

"Plantin' flowers."


I stab you and for all that you still brag what marvelous thorns I have?


I know, comrade rye: there is a conspiracy against me. When they mow the meadow it is only to wipe me out. They send the hail down on me; they try to burn me with the sun; they hire the moles and locusts to come after me. But I stand my ground. I know why they're after me. Oh, I could tell you a thing or two!

Čapek, Aesop 6,7,8,9/9

I just wish there was a better onomatopoeia for vomiting. The Czech has "Fí!"


Agnes said...

If I didn't know better I'd say you were sick, leaving so many msges! :P

The Earthtopus said...

Pfft. I worked a full week this week.

I'm just rolling with a certain level of motivation. Being couch-ridden for a week and a half will do that to you.