Saturday, November 04, 2006

A je po říjnu...

Another month past. It has been brought to my attention that others don't necessary use the month as a basic unit of time insofar as conceptualizing projects or lenghty events, preferring weeks or seasons. It's the month through and through for me, regardless of such fripperies as details. March was Buster Keaton, April was housesitting and translating (right up to finishing a collection of short stories at noon on April 31st, as I redubbed the first of May) and September was mono. October...well, they don't all have to be categorized.

Have been academic of late, acquiring books on Old English vocabulary, the dawn of the Slavic languages, and an etymological dictionary of German, which means I can spend my time doing things like discovering case relics in English (whilom, the more the merrier), smiling confidently about my knowledge of Proto-Slavic morphology as reflected in Czech (my agricultural vocabulary is a bit lacking) and finally confirming over that nagging suspicion that the suffixes -heit and -(ig)keit were the same thing originally. And cognate to -hood.

In other wrds, I'm reasonably happy. What's more, I have an application in for immersion studies at Middlebury next fall, and hope to be working on masters applications before the month is out.


شيخ الحب said...

Hooray for applications!

Agnes said...

funny how some things obvious (due to my mothertongue) to one whilst more of a discovery to others.

How's the health these days?

The Earthtopus said...

Mother tongue, eh?

Heb ik schuim op mijn gezicht?

(Health's vastly improved, and the mono's a memory.)

Anonymous said...

Yay! Middlebury matriculation! that's in Arkansas, yes? Good. Also, glad you're feeling better. Also, I know where Middlebury is.

- Jesse

Agnes said...

Middelburg? That's in Zeeland as opposed to New Zeeland

and whether or not you have schuim op je gezicht depends on your drinkingskills I'd say ;)

As for me, I'm still alive - though still killing braincells at that hiddeous job of mine