Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A visit to scenic Frost Heave, Vermont.

I did, in fact, get out of town (after some breakfast and a quick hour filing) and up to Craftsbury, which went smoothly enough, except for the fact that the Kingdom is twenty degrees colder and has apparently suffered some thaws as well, given the frozen ruts in most of the roads. Got to catch up with my stepfather, get some work in at the somwhat-recently-built "new" town library, took a nap with my dog...good times all around. Saw my mother as well, who returned that evening from a trip to Florida, and caught up with her as well. Got some fast interstate driving in after dark, too--a good day away from it all when it was desperately needed, all in all.

Funniest thing I learned today: My mother gets asked about cell phone coverage a lot running a vacation cottage--and it turns out that there is some reception up there. It turns out the enterprising and/or desperate have found three places on the common that cell phone reception can be obtained:

1) The turnaround of the parking lot in the library
2) Standing on the granite benches outside the high school (near the payphones, amusingly)
3) In the middle of the cemetery.

Not a lot of people with cell phones up there, but it's amusing how this kind of information spreads nontheless. And that must be really fun to tell someone who really wants to make a call.

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