Sunday, June 04, 2006

So I'm walking down a busy street in Prague, looking for some building or other...I think it was Národní třida, and I look up at oncoming pedestrian traffic. And there's this guy walking towards me...grinning. A bit too widely for normal fun, not widely enough for insanity. As he walks, he's taking the top off a shoebox, and putting it on the bottom of the box. There's a pair of shoes in there.

Without really breaking his expression or his stride, and right as we're passing each other, he stuffs the shoebox into a trash can and walks on.

That was one of the odder things that happened to me in Europe. Forgiveness of the few people I've mentioned this to in advance; I say this by way of saying the first wave of photos are in.


Kate said...

Weird, that. Seeing somebody else's Prague tourist photos.

Agnes said...

some of em turned out really nice, especially the one at night!
Make sure to send me the yellow bar snapshot. I'll select you some of my photos as soon as some me-time comes along!