Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Bought a new bike frame, which is good, as the crumple zone in the front of mine is...well, crumpling. Slowly. It hasn't imploded on me yet, but...let's just say that next week I'll be all about tearing one bike down and rebuilding anew.

Which may provide me with something to ride to farmers markets during August. I'm thinking of trying the Green Mountain Localvore challenge (here for a feature story) Basically, I would be trying to provide all of my calories during the month of August from within a hundred-mile radius of my home. Or completely within Vermont. (there are a number of ways to play)

In its harder-core implementations, this is hard to do. From the Seven Days article:

"The definition of "local" varies slightly from group to group. Some localvore challenges allow participants to consume locally produced foods even if they don't contain 100 percent indigenous ingredients, such as Vermont-brewed beers and Vermont-roasted coffees. Others allow "wild card" exemptions for harder-to-find items, such as cooking oils and certain grains.

The Champlain Valley Localvores, whose challenge runs throughout the month of August, are taking a more hard-core approach. They've agreed only to a "modern Marco Polo" exception, which permits any spices the 13th-century explorer would have had on hand, such as salt and pepper, as well as modern leavening agents, such as baking powder, baking soda and yeast."

I'd probably take exemptions for three things that I can think of--coffee, ginger, and cayenne. And maybe cumin. But I need to do some thought, dispose of some decidely non-local food in the meantime--and look for a source of wheat and oats.

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Agnes said...

Good to hear that you're still planning on doing that local thing - I vividly remember our discussion on all things organic 'n stuff.

As for John Cleese, should you even come across 'The A-B-C of football' it's hilarious - or at least I thought it was.

As for loaning money from the gov't and then not spending it on my education but on travel.. I see my travel as an asset, besides, I get to see my dad. And I get to actually live up to my promis of visiting Jeremy on his excahnge like he visted me in Brno (although Brno is a little closer than Osaka).

And as a cherry on the top.. I can say that I've been to China and have a really cool visa - my first! :D

And I'm finally doing stuff instead of thinking about doing stuff if ya know what I mean.

And this post really wasn't intended to be so elaborate.. but what can I say - maybe nothing else would be the wisest thing.