Sunday, July 09, 2006

Not the best chip possible by Zidane (he allllmost got too much of it) but that dooesn't matter. It was a lovely idea, and beautiful to watch.

Allez les Bleus!

edit: interesting way for his career to (possibly) end, though. I wonder what he heard that got him to lay the smack down.


Agnes said...

he's a retarded idiot ready to retire - let's hope he stays retired this time - or in the alternative, let him set up a 50+ international team, together with Olivier Kahn, Fugo and Philipe Cocu.

By the way; I'm going to China and Japan in 3 weeks

santoritimes said...

I saw on CNN today that the recipient of the headbutt did insult him, he admits, but denies categorically that he called Zidane a terrorist.

In a seperate story, Osama wants to headbutt you all.

The Earthtopus said...

Bitter much? And he's, what, 34?

On a lighter note, what's in China and Japan? It's a bit far north for your former colonies.

Agnes said...

I read in the newspaper that the British send out an expert in lipreading to decipher whatever was said - possiblity he received a comment about his sister or mother, but the itallian denies, since mothers are holy to him...

34 in soccer (or football really - John Cleese has a wonderful explanation for why you should call it football) anyway as I was saying in soccer being 34 is like being 89 and still working.

And on the colonies, I'll update my website soon. But what it comes down to is that I've HAD IT and hence decided to spend the money I had loaned in order to be able to pay for uni and/or internship on travel, hence I'll be visiting my dad in China and Jeremy - a friend of mine - in Osaka, Japan.

Customs better not take as long as the visa application though. I went to the Chinese Embassy and found out that there were 48 people waiting in line in front of me, with 2 desks open. I waited for about an hour. And can do the same thing again tomorrow when I have to pick it up. And you actually have to pay too... 85 euro

The Earthtopus said...

Wait, waht's wrong with being 89 and still working? If I'm scoring goals in the World Cup at 89, I'll consider myself lucky.

Anyway, there is an alternative explanation that football was originally so-called because it was played on one's feet, as opposed to the more aristocratic horseback sports of the middle ages. Much as I love John Cleese, I don't view him as an enormous lexical authority.

And spending money you were just loaned? I sincerely (and , honestly, there's no sarcasm here) hope that the travel is worth it, and that the Far East is lovely.