Saturday, September 16, 2006

Ah, so it's strep too.

That would explain the four hours in the emergency room today; the 103-degree fever, the morphine, and the liters of IV fluid replenishment.

Am now on antibiotics too. And hopefully, finally, on the mend from the sickest I've ever been.


Agnes said...

get well soon, and that is an order!

kelsey said...

oh dear! feel better soon!

The Earthtopus said...

Yes. Well. Thanks for the well-wishes, and I have the next six days off of work, doctor's orders.

I am beating the bacteria in my throat with the help on my friends Mr. Enormous Blue Antibiotic Pills, and they will soon be gone, allowing me to "only" have the constant low-grade fever and lethargy of the mono until...whenever it is that that goes away.

But if Saturday was a medical emergency, it was a small-to-medium one, and I am well on the way out of the worst of it.

*knocking on wood a lot*