Tuesday, September 26, 2006

How to Grow Clouds

It takes a lot of work: it is necessary to weed very carefully, to toss out muck and small stones by hand, to kneel on the earth, bend over, dig about in the soil, water profusely, collect caterpillars, exterminate aphids, loosen the ground and serve the earth; when your back hurts from all this and you straighten up and look at the sky, you will have the prettiest clouds. Probatum est.

[the entirety of Philemon originally in Lidové noviny, 6 September 1925]


Agnes said...

Takes me back to taking care of the school garden with my mother during summer holiday

thinking - or rather dreaming - what was that book again on footsteps we talked about when in Brno, remember?

The Earthtopus said...


It's actually from my old professor's audio archive, no less! There's a third story, not by Capek, that comes after, I think...perhaps I should translate both stories and write a short paper. Maybe that would get me into grad school. Huh.