Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Now that's why they play the game.

I just watched Boise State blow an 28-10 lead and throw an interception returned for a TD with 1:25 to go to go down 35-28 against Oklahoma. Then on 4th and 18, they tied the game with a touchdown [and PAT] on the HOOK AND LADDER with seven sconds left, and after Oklahoma scored on the first play of OT, they drove for a touchdown, and then went for, and scored the game-winning two-point conversion on a STATUE OF LIBERTY PLAY. I swear I could see Bob Stoops bursting blood vessels; go mid-majors!

Glad I watched, and glad I got some translating done before I really started to pay attention to what was going on. This helps keep me in line with my scarcely-articulated resolutions.

[EDIT: Also, the Boise State running back just proposed to his girlfriend, his school's head cheerleader, on national TV after scoring that winning 2-point conversion. I mean, no pressure or anything, right?]

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Agnes said...

cheeeeesy, I should know, being from the Netherlands and all.

Hope to be a little more active on the keeping-in-touch than I was last year :)