Thursday, July 17, 2008


Let's see if I can figure this out:

Yesterday: crazy night bike ride.
Tonight: 5,000 words of proofreading stuff that used to be in Slovak, work, packing
Tomorrow night: move out, go to work, silent film festival projected under a bridge, couch surfing
Saturday: couch surfing, raising hell
Sunday-Monday: couch surfing...IN SAN FRANCSICO.
Tuesday: last day of work, couch surfing at my third place in four days
Wednesday: possibly riding 25 miles out of town to camp at a hostel?
Thursday: biking back to town, packing out of boxes, flying to Vermont:
Friday: Burlington.

Note no time for: sleep, eating

If all goes well, I'll be spending five consecutive nights (Monday-Friday) in four separate counties and an airplane.

This is an adventure.

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Anonymous said...

Whoa. Your father told me about your website. I used to teach with him in Winooski years ago, and we were of the same twisted mind. First, you obviously inherited brains from SOMEONE in the family! Your activities and research are really interesting, even though I can hardly follow the technicalities! What, exactly, are you studying?! Good luck to you, and I'm sure dear old Dad is very proud...
Jane, in southern Vermont