Tuesday, July 01, 2008

My bike is dead. Long live my bike!

I'm building up a 1984 Centurion Elite RS frame. The threading for the bottom bracket's a little worn, so I'm not predicting this'll get me through, oh, September of 2009, but it's nice what ten dollars and four hours of swearing at bike components can do for you.

The dishing on the rear wheel's a little funky, as are the spokes. Also, the seatpost creaks. And I don't have my rear brake set up yet. Or fenders.

Still, it's ridable, which is more than I thought was going to be possible late into the afternoon.

Now I'm working on a name.

And plowing through the back pages of the Futility Closet. Oh good, another thing that sucks up my spare time.

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