Tuesday, March 17, 2009

...and now March is half gone?

I've been more restrained of late (or at last like to tell myself I have been) with the boy-my-life-is-crazy and where-has-the-time-gone posts, and that having been said, I'll proceed to do exactly that.

March has been somewhat different. I got into graduate school--master's in library science, San José State, and am trying to wrap my head around the changes that will entail. Also, the store I work at has recently moved into a brand new location three times the size, which involves a whole slew of logistic and sociological problems that are going to be weeks, if not months, in the sorting out. Switching my schedule to a 6:45 am work five days a week is also not without its issues.

All of these have contributed to a certain amount of constant fatigue and narrowing of my abilities to focus. My main translation efforts continue apace, but the Čapek is suffering. Never fear, though. If I have enough energy for navel-gazing, I'm bound to get back on track.

Re-learning how to nap's been a big help.

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