Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I like both my jobs a whole lot. The one's a reason to get up in the mornings, (plus free coffee, the office mostly to myself for breakfast, some reading time, and some sedate filing in a very motherly atmosphere), and the other is lively and full of ostly fun people mostly my own age.

It's just rough on the joints. I have to stop falling asleep on my wrists, apparently. And sometimes I'm so tired I don't know what I'm feeling beyond that. Trying to nap, cook, read, and write, and my German is apparently progressing somewhat, so life could always be worse.

And now, to slightly more than six hours of sleep.


Agnes said...

I'm happy you mention the fact that you actually like your jobs, cause nothing else in there seems to indicate a whole lot of fun..

santoritimes said...

Andrew. Watch CNN or some channels coverage of the school shooting in Tennessee and tell me the cop who's milling around stopping traffic doesn't look like Jay Johnston.

The Earthtopus said...

Couldn't. Didn't. Am sorry I missed it.