Monday, November 28, 2005

In the last three days, I have been very busy. Nevertheless, I passed an extremely pleasant Thanksgiving at my mother's, reconnected with some old friends, spoke Czech, Slovak, and Polish (and I should have spoken some rudimentary Russian too, but that guy wasn't at work) and made some headway on the previously-promised short story Czech translation.

So it was a good Thanksgiving vacation, even if I had to work almost entirely though it.


PinkBoop said...

Hey there. How is your sanskrit these days? Someone asked me if I know anyone who could translate a thing into sanskrit and not shockingly, you were the first person to jump into my mind. Having said that, if you can't do, no worries. The phrase is:

All things are imperfect.
All things are impermanent.
All things are incomplete.

(it is the basis of the Japanese aesthetic wabi-sabi and my friend wants it in three lines). I have no idea how good your sanskrit really is, but I mean, how many people actually have studied it? Not many of the ones I know at least. Also props on the new blog, I am still juggling both LJ and blogspot.

شيخ الحب said...

I think it's about time to bring back ol' Automatica there.

Seriously, what's the point of a 4-game win streak when Chicago doesn't lose? Thanks for nothing.