Friday, March 24, 2006

I have impressively low pain levels and high functionality, apprently, given what my arm's endured over the years. And some physical therapy referrals. Yay.

And an arthrogram in the works for the end of April or so. I get to have a big-ass needle jam dye into my shoulder joint, then have an MRI taken. And then I talk to a surgeon and see whether I need to have him cut me up a treat. It's good to be insured, I guess.

Everyone's still nice at work--one of the women in marketing gave me a Harley-Davidson bandanna with "Broken Wing" emblazoned across it, which I wore tied around my arm all day. I also happened to bring my X-rays with me, as I wasn't going home before the ortho appointment today, and let's just say we have a scanner.

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