Thursday, March 30, 2006

Quick surfacing for a status report:

Rehabilitating: Saw orthopedist, saw physical therapist. Received and am doing my stretches (finally). MRI with big honking needle next Thursday the sixth, surgical consult May 2nd.

Riding: Am building a bike. Bought a cheap frame, have degreased the headset, bought a rear wheel, acquired a set of cranks, bottom bracket, derailleur and shifter. Top priorities are a sprocket and chain, along with the rest of the wheels. Brakes and seating come later.

Translating: Finished Burner of Corpses 3.0, a revision that actually includes comments from native English speakers. My old professor has apparently already used version 2.3 in one of her seminars. But it seems to have gone over well. My audience is now no longer exclusively hypothetical. The other stuff is mostly sitting around in notebooks, awaiting me coming up with the energy to type up thirty thousand words or so. (Less likely now that the weather's improving, but I have hopes for April.

Watching: Am watched out of the Buster Keaton, having seen nineteen shorts and ten features (ten DVDs worth of stuff) this month. But he's still a fave. I need to find some of his early stuff with Arbuckle and the early MGM stuff (I'm thinking The Cameraman here. Also less likely as the weather improves.)

Traveling: pending my checking my paid time off status (used up a bunch of the stuff with my shoulder) and plane tickets to Europe coming down in price a bit.


Anonymous said...

Miss you, man.

- Jesse

The Earthtopus said...

Aw, well, hey.

As the weather inches towards spring, it's hard not to cast my mind back to those balconies and Red-White lajtky of yore, that's for sure.

By which I mean: write more.

Agnes said...

As you're trying to get your way in to Europe, I'm trying to get y way out of here doing an internship. How ironic.
Funny to think that a year ago I was in Vienna.

take care and no more piggy back riding :P

The Earthtopus said...

That's piggy back ride giving.

Anonymous said...

translating fools!

i looked up "burner of corpses fuks" and found you here. the internet frightens me.


Agnes said...

Well, same thing. Or at least: the result was as disasterous, nicht?