Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Some modest accomplishments today:

Got up before ten on a day off.
Voted. Even through in an exit poll for good measure.
Gave blood. Got a (retroactive) first-gallon pin, as I've given the Red Cross eleven pints. (sssh, don't tell them about the eight or nine I gave to the Rhode Island Blood Center)
Bought a pack, used (a Lafuma Directissime 55-liter) that apparently is only for sale in France and the UK for (what amounts to) somewhat more than I paid for it. Made plans for using it. Marveled at all the gusseting and waterproof-zippering and oh my the pockets.
Watched two Buster Keaton features (The Saphead, Go West) and three or four shorts.
Am getting to bed before midnight.

It's my last week at the part-time job. The next three days will not be fun at all. But hell, it's going to be nice to have some more time available. Especially with spring and summer coming up.


Agnes said...

In the realm of "not-sure-whether-you-know-this" Piia is moving to Prague. So should you visit your brother, make sure you visit her too as I believe she's moving on the 15th of March and staying indefinately to work for Exxon.

Though you might want to know
Hope you're doing good & Miss you and your climbinf into fridges

Agnes said...

It's not the B+ which is the problem, it's the fact that different people asses me differently, which is not taken into account at all. And the fact that the B+ represents like 20% of my thesis.
And it's just professors in general. But guess what, I've applied for an internship in NYC.. so who knows.

How have you been lately?