Friday, October 21, 2005

Finished up my prelim draft of Fuks #1, sent it out between shifts on Wednesday...and have succumbed to a head cold/stomach bug thing since then. Related? Who can say, but I was showing inklings of being sick before I got off my ass and "finished" editing this thing so I could give it to people. (number of niggling typos in the first three pages pointed out so far: three)

Since then I've called in to the morning job twice (yesterday, today) with chills and aches and stuffed-up-edness, and had to leave the second job yesterday early (well, by only a half-hour) with some sort of stomach thing to boot. By which I mean gnawing on raw ginger because some of the other co-op workers said it'd be a good idea stomach thing. (Actually, it wasn't too bad, and it seemed to work...some)

So I've been sleeping twelve hours a day as opposed to five and feel like I'm on the mend, though I have two co-op shifts left before my weekend of sorts starts tomorrow at five.

Nevertheless, I now feel comfortable saying I've finished translating a book (the rest is window-dressing) and I may start the second here in a minute. New notebook, new pen...why not? Perhaps not having a translation project is what my body is reacting to, after all.

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Agnes said...

get well soon