Saturday, October 22, 2005

If anyone (unlikely) has gotten to the offhand mentions of von Neurath, there's a new footnote I've added recently:

58: The Czech svobodný means either “free, unencumbered” or (more commonly) “bachelor,” depending on the context. Here, it assumedly refers to von Neurath’s minor title of Freiherr (lit., “free lord”), and is therefore translated as "lord.". (p. 72)

This replaces the foolish choice of "bachelor" on two occasions, and boy had that been bothering me a lot. If only I'd gotten it out earlier in the week. Hélas, eheu, ach běda...alas, in other words.

Later edit: Would I be so utterly unjustified in adding a "Fremen" aside? Probably. But the temptation is there.

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