Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Things that have come to my attention recently:

Scarf-wearing is still something to be looked at askance, although people seem to like the FC Brno one.

The New Family Guy movie took several watchings to become funny. Quotable, but light on plot.

It's "Doctor Jones! No time for love! We got company!" in spite of what popular culture has to say on the matter. No big surprise that a slightly edited quote could become the standard, but still. Also, that movie's really weird. None too flattering towards the Indians, either. Not that that's _really_ a problem for me.

Also, I splurged recently on a copy of Robert Lee Wolf's "The Balkans in Our Time," one of the required readings for a pair of courses I took on Balkan history with a delightful Greek man. Bringing back a lot of memories, this. I think I used it in a couple of papers. And it's an excellent look on the history of Albania, Yugoslavia, Romania and Bulgaria through communization. Ah, Livanios' classes.

Weekend was great, am tired and either just dehydrated or coming down with something. Hopefully the former.

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Agnes said...

hopefully it isn't as bad as the instant cold you get as soon as you set foot on Dublin airport...

rain and wind, like Ireland ought to be :)

hang in there!