Friday, October 07, 2005

Four things made my day today, both of them in the long and waning hours of the shift.

In order: A girl came through my line speaking Polish on a cell phone. I stopped her conversation with a "Dzienkuje bardzo," some discussion ensued (her English was fine too) followed by a "the guy in the grocery store speaks Czech" back into the cell phone in Polish. That was fun.

Some time later, two guys came in who were either pledging something or had lost a bet; both in jean shorts and aviator sunglasses, sleeveless, one in demin with a fake AC/DC tattoo drawn on his bicep, and the other one in a pink T-shirt advertising a seafood restaurant, I guess, with the words "I EAT 'M RAW AT GARY'S" It was the 'M that got mel; I couldn't stop laughing for minutes, and had to go outside.

Then I busted out the iPod to play "Hey Jealousy" for a co-worker and used its picture capacity to show me with short hair; which everyone agreed would look awesome, so I should do that, even if it's getting cold.

And then I segued somehow, in response to a "do you sleep in socks," to recounting the night of May 10th or 11th when I slept in five shirts and a jacket in the Vienna bus station with classes the next morning the next country over. It's nice to be able to convince your co-workers you're more than than new guy who seems decent enough but has never really told any decent stories.

Good times all around. And, at 3:30 tomorrow, I'm done until Monday morning.


Agnes said...

As toyour last post,
Sorry didn't mean to upset.

Sound like you've found a perfect spot! But I thought you were going to move?

The Earthtopus said...

It's the perfect spot to save up money for a few months, anyway.