Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Status Report:

Burner of Corpses (novella): ALMOST FINALIZED
Death of a Guinea Pig (collection): ~70% DRAFTED
Mr. Theodor Mundstock (novel): NOMINAL

I hope to visit Providence in three weekends, by which time I should have a finalized version of Burner of Corpses and a draft of my planned paper providing translations/comparisons a brace of Fuks and Vysko─Źil short stories, to the extent I am able to properly compare without recourse to, say, university libraries and Czech-language bibliographies.

Also, have been averaging more than a page a day in translation since the New Year and have translated, even if only a sentence, most days in that span. If I am permitted a bit of hyperoptimstic extrapolation, by the end of 2006 I could have a novel and two collections of short stories in handwritten drafts, in addition to the novella I already have more or less finalized. Hence the status report above. I will certainly settle for, and not doubt actually achieve less, but as long as I can keep up the pace, I will. The transcription, and editing, on the other hand...still, I'm producing something. At least partially-effective time management? Who would have thought?

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