Friday, January 20, 2006

Still translating and flossing every day, so at least several inadvertent resolutions are holding.

Today: interesting books in unexpected places! I was helping a friend get a mattress and a box spring at ReCycle North on the cheap, wandered over to a bookcase by the front counter, and, thirty seconds later, had three books: "A History of the French Language," and copies of two journals put out by SUNY-Stony Brook in the early 1980s, with, respectively, contemporary Polish plays and Yugoslav short stories. So wow. I should have taken Nick there, as they have all manner of wonderful items, including a larger book section in the back that I didn't have time to go to, as we were somewhat pressed for time.

Nevertheless, I may go back there tomorrow. Maybe pick up a coffeepot too? The addiction goes apace, and I have so much to read and so little free time, especially with all the writing. An unexpected benefit of mild caffeine addiction is that it seems to help me regulate my sleep more efficiently--in any rate, on nights before I work both jobs I'm more likely to get six hours' sleep than my customary four and a half.

I should go write now, but this Rickard book (the French one) is proving tempting, especially in light of my discovery of a bunch of papers I'd printed out second semester senior year, including some of Robert Hall's owrk on proto-Romance in the 1950s. So little time, so if I may be permitted a bit of code-switching... [for those who don't mluvit in a Ĩesky way, the following means "to it!" in the sense of "Attaboy!" or "Go go go!"]

Do toho!

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