Tuesday, January 20, 2009

103 words, 1/19/09

I hit the speed bump too fast and accidentally let go. I used to ride with just the bar until Mike gave me some old bar ends of his to lengthen my ride (the top tube's a bit short). Seventy cents, when you factor in the replacement Allen screw one of them needed.

These changed the architecture of the handlebars. When I went flying backwards from the ends, the straight bar played cleanup. It waited patiently to receive my hands, which knew what to do (without benefit of thought), curling two fingers per hand around just enough to catch myself.

Lucky, lucky me.


Plaid Avenger said...

!!!!!! Glad you're not hurt, man.

Andrew said...

It is moments like these which I have to talk about, because no one ever believes me when I say I don't think I'm accident-prone.

Sorry about the subordinate clauses there; that got kind of ridiculous.