Thursday, January 22, 2009

Literature in Finno-Ugric Linguistics

I occasionally dabble in translating things out of languages other than Czech and Slovak. College was an especially fertile time for that, what with the three years of Sanskrit I somehow managed to take, the ancient Greek, and my high school French and Latin not nearly so rusty as they are now.

German's been a lazily-pursued hobby of mine for almost ten years at this point. There's not enough time to pursue all the languages one wants to, and I mainly seem to be happy enough with an incredibly loose definition of "reading knowledge."

Occasionally I do something useful, and this is a parallel version of a German page on Finno-Ugric study materials I translated last summer. Thanks go to Prof. Laakso for her pleasant response to my enthusiasm. I'll never be a Finno-Ugrist, but I can at least try to help them out.

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