Saturday, January 24, 2009

Not just about 2003 any more!

Here's a long-promised update. I can't do it right, but I can expand on promised blog posts from five years ago. Also, I'm closing the gap between the old and new blog for some reason. God, I love that mohawk picture.

My last seven January firsts:

2003 Orlando, Florida. (Capitol One Bowl--Auburn 13, Penn State 9. Boo.)

2004 Essex Junction, Vermont (Nate and I went downtown too early and ended up back in my father's basement. Classy.)

2005 Brno, Czech Republic (Fléda! Russian "champagne"!)

2006-Camel's Hump, Vermont (4,080 feet, lots of snow. May my hiking cohort rest in peace.)

2007-Burlington, Vermont (Six Pine St. party. Classic B-town.)

2008-Santa Cruz, California (Got engaged over the clock tower.)

2009-Mojave Desert, California (Kelso Dunes, an iron portal, fire, and song)

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