Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dash to San Francisco.

It's nice when I have someone else (in this case Nick) to write about hilarious adventures of which I took part, viz. here.

Went up to the City yesterday to see Nick and watch Monsters of Podcasting. Within the first ten minutes of meeting Nick's mother and sister I managed to lacerate two fingers in a botched attempt to open a bottle of fermented German elderberry soda (?!) with a lighter. Six hours of jokes about my being/not being accident-prone ensued. We showed up way too early, camped out in the front row laughing hysterically and got in some nice post-show words with Merlin and Adam from You Look Nice Today. And we all learned an important lesson about The Snuggie.

All that and I was even able to figure out my crash pad after that with only a half an hour of wondering if I was going to have to stay up all night wandering around.

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