Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sort of a translation story.

Dusting off some old blogs, I found this piece which was a story a suitemate told that involved he and I (I'm "Tall," unsurpisingly), dealing with a package of German soup mix we'd come across. I attempted to filter them through Czech with a German-Czech online dictionary.

A quote: "I scientifically examined the package as Tall perused the various translations of Beutelinhalt."

It's probably tellingly recursive that I immediately set at figuring it out: (inner monologue: "Inhalt" is 'contents' and Beutel looks like 'bottle', only it was soup mix, so probably the whole thing together means 'Contents of package,' and then spent five minutes checking that out on google, and being proud I could read the rest of the instructions better than I could five years ago. No. Scratch the "probably."


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Toby said...

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