Monday, January 05, 2009

Von brigði

     Von brigði is the name of a remix album of the Icelandic band Sigur Rós, a remix of songs from their first album Von. The name is a pun in Icelandic--Brigði means "alternation/changes", so its title means "variations on Von." Von itself means "hope," though, and Vonbrigði (no spaces) means "disappointment." It's been out for ten years, and no doubt many a critic has used the rhetorical maneuver of saying "name aside, it's no disappointment," but I'm going to do it anyway. I already had a soft spot for Von, and at least two of these remixes are made out of bliss.

     A structural note, at this point, on the Čapek. "From New Year's Eve To the Feast of the Epiphany" comes out on the sixth; "Snow" a week after that. Beyond that I'm playing my cards closer to my chest, though I've got enough to run with for a little while, and autoschedule guarantees that these next two will be out at the promised times. (Oh, and Dad, the autoscheduled first one was what caused you to believe I was back in Santa Cruz for New Year's. Also, hi Dad. Not something I ever thought I'd be saying here, but for what it's worth I am glad you're reading).

     Nick's new posts (to say nothing of the old) are a delight. I've enjoyed the opportunities presented so far this year, and would be nothing short of delighted for a reprise of a few of the tea-swilling insomniac nights of yesteryear.

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