Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Chronology of Anterior Subluxations

#1--(Spring of 2003) The Progenitor. So far back in time (junior year of college) that I didn't even have a blog and Facebook was a year away. Basketball trip and fall. Hours in the ER. First time on morphine.
#2--(8/26/03) Separation of What Now?
#3--(10/22/03) See August 26...
#4?--(3/5/04) False alarm...
#4--(3/19/04) From hero to...
#5--(Third Week of July, 2005) Came out during forward crawl, self-reduced.
#6--(Fall of 2005) Drunken fall at co-worker's house, self-reduced.
#7--(3/14/06) Oh good.
#8--(12/12/08) No link unless I decide to get all cute and self-link.

Two days after a huge rollerskating fall left me with the biggest bruise of my life, I was finally (for once!) beating my housemate in a game of one-on-one and had the arm pop out as I went for a layup. We walked back to the house, got directions of the internet, then he reduced it for me. I'm actually doing rehab exercises, for a change. May the next one not exist, or at least be more than two-plus years away.

The Score So Far:
Basketball: 5
Drunken Stupidity: 2
Swimming: 1
Andrew: -8