Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Nick's most recent post is another keeper. It's all good, mind.

Pertinent quote for me:

"Instead, I have to engage in this carefully planned, supplied, and fought battle with my own ignorance, and when I achieve victory, I don’t really have anything to show for it, except some bullshit shot or print that demonstrates that yes, I have the technical capability to use this technique — but that has no other virtue. And I don’t even have anyone handy to issue me a fucking gold star."

Amen. In some areas the war against my own ignorance involves way more mental preparation than I feel comfortable bragging about, even when I'm quite proud, which is an interesting mental place to be. The never-ending Fuks project, say. Work that takes a lot of effort and generates a lot of pride results in...large amounts more work. (Cooking, too, takes more energy than I would have thought, but at least that work produces edible and often surprisingly tasty results.)

Still, as Nick says, know that I'm leveling.

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